Role Of Canada's System Of Government

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Canada’s System of Government
As Canadians, we are often curious on how others see us. We are happy to share how our country is structured as a means to contribute to the world forum of democratic expression.
Based on traditional British government and a member of the Commonwealth, Canada unlike other democracy is not free of contestation attempts to strike a balance to both support citizen autonomy and public accountability ( Seeped in symbolic and cultural linage of the British monarchy the Canadian government is a democracy which includes a mix of elected and appointed officials over three levels of government to allow for more influence in local matters. Canada has had
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The electoral system is often criticized as Canadians do not directly vote for its Prime Minister as it is through proxy of a local MP and voting result of a leadership vote only open to political party members.
How is the Canadian Government Structured?
Also known as the federal parliament, the Canadian Parliament is divided into three distinct branches:
Legislative Branch
The Legislative Branch of government is composed of 308 elected MPs, appointed Senators who represent geographic regions of Canada and the Governor General of Canada who sit in the House of Commons and the Senate respectively.
This branch has the responsibility to research, debate, amend and passes laws. In order to pass laws, they have to be drafted as bills and debated, by both sides of Parliament before it is receiving the symbolic approval by the governor general which would enact it into law. Figure 1- The Three Options of the Legislative Process depicts the three ways a bill is commonly pass originating from the House of Commons.

Executive Branch
In Canada, the Executive Branch of
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