Role Of Congress And The President

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The role of congress and the president in diplomacy, and in treaty making and wars, the role that the President and congress play is actually very significant in governing the country and this is kind of like a balance of power, in which both the president and congress both have extensive powers. The power to declare war, provide defense and support and raise armies. "The regulation of foreign commerce, to congress." These powers are given to the President and congress through the Constitution. The President has the power to make executive agreements and treaties and receive foreign ambassadors and also appoint ambassadors. Treaties must be approved by two-thirds of the senate. Congress sometimes acts in an oversight role by signing off on…show more content…
The budget for foreign policy functions is distributed among the institutions, this money is used to protect the U.S interest. This money only makes up 1 percent of the overall budget that the President submits to congress. This budget request includes funding for all federal executive departments and independent agencies that congress must approve in-order for the President to get things done. This will include funding for all U.S. international activities, like funding military assistance to allies and helping develop places that have weaker democracies. The U.S has key interest in developing other countries as we trade a lot of goods and services with other countries. Can the President 's war powers be checked, yes, the constitution gives Congress the power to declare war as a check on the Presidential power. However the President still has the power to use troops even if Congress has not declared war. The commander and chief is given the power to assess overall threats that congress may not have had time to take action on. And in the news we have a more recent example of the
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