Role Of Core Technologies On An Effective It System Essay

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Roles of Core Technologies in an Effective IT System
The world of technology cores has a different function in today’s era. The core roles of these technologies play an important part to keep this world as we know it to operating on a day to day basis. The basis of the technology that makes IT System useful is Computer Networks, Information Assurance, Wed Technologies, Database, Computer Programs and Programming.
In order for IT System to become active first Computer Programs and Programming must be put in place. Computer Programs and Programming are simple terms an executable set of commands for the computer to perform. A process is an actively running program which may or may not is running in the background. A program running in the background is one that the computer user may not be aware of, but it may be providing useful services such as an ability to connect to other computers. It reads and executes program instructions, performs calculations, and makes decisions (
Second, Database is needed to take the collection of all sorts of sensitive data to organize, analyze, and extract data. It is the heart of many functions in today’s world. For example, when a password or user in a program it is checking the information type in against the information it stored in order to open the software. Databases solve most of the data management problems that are encountered.
The database does three essential things provides a framework in which strict procedures and
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