Role Of Dharna In The Ramayana

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The Ramayana is an Indian myth used to explain the concept of dharma. Dharma is very important in Indian culture and most of the characters in The Ramayana either accept their dharma or deny it. The myth can be broken up into three parts the separation, initiation and return. The story also shows all four functions of a myth. First, lets find out what the real meaning of Dharma is and how it is portrayed in The Ramayana.
Dharma is defined as “the religious and moral duties of an individual; duties vary according to class, occupation, gender or age;” according to slide five of The Ramayana lecture PowerPoint. It is also one of the four main principles that guide individuals in their Hindu beliefs. It is important to think of Dharma as a way of life. One must always fulfill one's duties, live by society's laws, and always behave appropriately according to one's station in life, by doing this an individual is earning merit for their next life as reincarnation is one of the other main principles in Hinduism. The moral focus in The Ramayana is dharma and the story is used to teach people about dharma.
Many of the characters in The Ramayana try to uphold their dharma. The Hero of the story Rama tries to uphold his dharma by being a good son to his parents by following his father’s wishes even after his death, and a good husband to his wife by never stopping to look for her until he avenges her capture. Joseph Campbell states in the hero’s adventure that “A hero properly is

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