Role Of Diabetes In The Latino Community

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Summary Environmental barriers, such as, not having access to healthy food can have an adverse impact on a person health, especially if their lives are further complicated by a chronic illness. For instant, diabetes which is a disease that affects at least 16 million Americans; African Americans and Latinos are the groups that are affected the most, as compared to the White population (Horowitz, Colson, Hebert & Lancaster, 2004). African Americans and Latinos are more likely to have more complications due to diabetes as well as a higher mortality rate (Horowitz et al., 2004). Some populations of people are prone to having a high prevalent rate of diabetes; therefore, research done at a community level is necessary to help figure out why…show more content…
(2004) in which surveillance of two communities, East Harlem (low economic status, predominantly minority) and Upper East Harlem (high economic status, mostly whites), was performed. The research purpose was to determine the availability and cost of healthy food for people with diabetes within these communities. Five food items that are recommended for people with diabetes were chosen and placed in different stores within the two communities. The stores that they were placed in was bodegas and large supermarkets, which was licensed as certified markets by the state of NY. The nutrition value of the food, the cost, cultural acceptability and how ease and quickness of identifying the item on the store's shelves were taken into account. The surveyor's job was to document if at least one or more item out of the five was present in the stores. The results were tally individually, then collectively. The comparisons between the individuals and the group findings were made to alleviate discrepancies. Before noting any discrepancies, a reliability test was performed. The X2 test was used to verify the different of the prevalence of desirable and undesirable based on neighborhood and store sizes. A store was rated desirable it has one out of five of the item and undesirable if it did not have…show more content…
The others were excluded due to not meeting the qualifications of being a licensed food store and the owner choosing not to participate. East Harlem had 173 stores that participated, which consisted mainly of small bodegas and Upper East Harlem had 151 stores, which had far fewer bodegas and more supermarkets. The research results discovered that Upper East Harlem stores were 3.2 times inclined to have all the item in stock and was considered desirable stores (Horowitz et al.,2004). The cost of the items was higher in Upper East Harlem as compared to East Harlem. East Harlem had more stores in the proximity of its community (Horowitz et al.,2004). These findings suggest that further studies are needed to figure out why East Harlem, having twice as many stores but only 18% of their stores carried all five items as compared to 58% for Upper East Harlem (Horowitz et al., 2004). The article reference that prior studies in 2002 which noted that conveniences and location of dietary food as being more important to minorities and people of low social, economic status. Many minorities depend on small bodegas for their shopping which are the stores that do not always carry to best nutritious food. The whites do not have a problem with going out of their community to shop for better food selections. They have more, large supermarkets in their communities, which usually have
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