Role Of Discipline On Destiny Fulfillment Delivered By Ayotunde Okunowo

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HE ROLE OF DISCIPLINE ON DESTINY FULFILLMENT DELIVERED BY AYOTUNDE OKUNOWO AT THE FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC ILARO, OGUN STATE TODAY WEDNESDAY 18TH MAY 2011. Chairman of today 's occasion, All academia present, Distinguished old boys, Ladies and gentlemen. 1 Today is indeed a remarkable day. I therefore count it as a great honour to be among you to share some wisdom together. I thank the executive of the club for putting up this kind of forum. This is highly commendable and I salute your outstanding leadership! I also greet my audience with great humility, for while some are on their bed sleeping off destiny, you have rather chose to search for knowledge. It takes few men to rule the world, and the few I believe, constitutes this audience. 2 The topic before me simply states; The Role of Discipline in Destiny Fulfillment. It is such a very interesting subject matter. Whosoever may have thought of it has done quite a very good job. Many people dream about fulfillment, but only few see it, for while they are still on the road to destiny, many young girls become young mothers and young boys take to drug and other dangerous habits. And as we together dissect the topic, I beseech you all to demonstrate the first discipline, by listening with open minds. 3 Before I begin to analyse all my analytical analysis, we may need to define some terms and terminologies for us to have a proper comprehension. Discipline is defined as a method of training your body and mind or of controlling

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