Role Of Education In The Tempest

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The Tempest Shakespeare’s play The Tempest explores the subject of expansion, colonization and civilization as the framework for modern England. Different authors through there different works have agreed indeed that William Shakespeare’s play played a central role in the development we see in modern day England. The play was written at a time when there was a great systemization in different sectors of the early modern England.
In early modern England, systemization of education through imposition of standardized books was effected in 1542. This imposition corresponded to the lifetime of Shakespeare. There was also a boom in the number of schools founded during his era. This was at a time when Shakespeare was writing his play. In spite of the different purposes and types of education life of England, it is between 1559- 1639 when there was a revolution in education. The English education system became vigorous, purposeful, well funded and equipped than in the past. Religion was regarded an important aspect in the creation of prosperous and loyal citizens.
Reformers connected the ability to read the Bible as the only way to salvation of individuals. This showed how prevalent illiteracy was at that time in England. Education was now regarded as a pathway to
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In that period, English monarchs ruled their people through the intrigue of parliament, the courts and through new ways that reached a larger population of England both illiterate and literate. In the early 17th century, the king stopped exhibiting himself to his subjects. At that point propagandists started the deliberate use of printing press and stage control in the projection of a new perspective for the monarchy. Actually, Prospero’s control over the inhabitants of the Island is attained through cheerful music, magical views and entertainment masques blended into his vast education system (Webb,
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