Role Of Entrepreneurs For Promoting Agribusiness

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ROLE OF ENTREPRENEURS IN PROMOTING AGRIBUSINESS IN INDIA 1Mr. Raghavendra Hajgolkar, ICSSR Doctoral Fellow, Department of Studies in Economics, Rani Channamma University, Belagavi - 591156 (Karnataka), India. Email: 2Dr. Talwar Sabanna, Professor and Dean, School of Business and Economics, Department of Studies in Economics, Rani Channamma University, Belagavi-591156 (Karnataka), India. ABSTRACT Commercialization of agriculture is possible by performing agribusiness activities. Entrepreneurial extension is now indispensable and has to perform different roles of promoting production, processing, value addition, trade and marketing. Agribusiness is a generic term that refers to the various businesses involved in…show more content…
Keywords: Agribusiness, Youth, Entrepreneurship Development, Enterprise, Marketing INTRODUCTION India is an agriculture based country since ancient time which is considered as the backbone of our economy and the agrarian sector contributes substantially to the GDP of India. Around seventy per cent of the Indian population and more than fifty per cent of the total work force still depends on agriculture and allied areas for live hood, agriculture meets the basic needs of India’s growing population. Today, agriculture has achieved commercial importance and changed from subsistence farming to commercial farming, import oriented to export oriented sector, supply driven technology to demand driven technology etc. New inputs and new technologies are hitting market every day. In the developed countries, agribusiness is defined as the total output arising from farm production and product processing at both pre- and post-farm gate levels. In developing countries like India, agribusiness is a generic term that refers to the various businesses involved in food production, including farming and contract farming, seed supply, agrichemicals, farm machinery, wholesale and distribution, processing, marketing, and retail sales. Agribusiness is widely used simply as a convenient portmanteau of agriculture and business, referring to the range of activities and disciplines encompassed by modern food production. Hence agribusiness can be defined as science and practice of
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