Role Of Export Led Growth On Shenzhen

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Role of Export-led Growth in Shenzhen The unparalleled growth of economies in China over the past thirty decades have sparked a lot of interests from economists, with many arguments and explanations attempting to account for the actual dynamics that influenced such growths. Since the 1970s, the Chinese’s economy has a tendency is constantly increasing. The export-led growth gradually exceeded the import, with an annual growth of 17.2 percent in exports and 16.4 percent in import in 2010 ( In fact, implement of the policy of reform and opening, export-led growth is one of the main reasons for Chinese economic prosperity. One of typical examples is Shenzhen, located in southeastern China. Trading export leads Shenzhen’s GDP to rising, which has become the main momentum of economic growth. This success must contribute to its strategic location and geographic location. Shenzhen has its own favourable geographic conditions. It is situated in the South of Guangdong province, belong to Pearl River Delta, where is the center of manufacturing industry and modern service industry. For a long time, Shenzhen is an important city in the south of China. It is close to South China Sea and owns the traffic thoroughfares, Strait of Malacca. The north of Shenzhen is Hong Kong. They are separated only a river. Across the bridge, people can arrive Hong Kong. Shenzhen has a close relationship with Hong Kong on account of after the reunification of Hong Kong, it plays a crucial role
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