Role Of Family In Antigone

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Yes: Family Is Permanent, But Power Is Not Guaranteed
No: Individual Freedom Means Sometimes Sacrificing Family
Sometimes family never leaves but power does. An experience from what I had power will not always be there for me. Power will stay then leave. Family usually stays with you through your whole life. Power does not stay forever. One day you can have power and the next day it can be all gone sometimes you would not even notice your power is gone. Family can stay with you. Family is guaranteed in your life for a good life time. Family will always be there for you even when you don't need them at that moment they will always try and help you out of the bad things you can cause. Power can make good things go bad and make things occur if
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In the play “Antigone”. Antigone knows that she lost her family power to creon and will likely never be queen. She values her brother’s honor more than power and even expects Ismene to value family. Antigone know that she does not have any family power because she had lost it all to creon. Antigone values her power more than her family but expects others to do the same and value the family. Antigone wants other to value the things the way she values her family. But if Ismene wants to value power than she can value her power then her family. But family should always be your first choice and value it more than…show more content…
In Afghanistan, many women have to sacrifice leaving their family, their husbands and children, in order to gains rights and freedoms denied by women.In afghanistan they had to leave their family behind so that they can survive or just to make a better living. People left their children's and husbands just so they can gain their rights. Leaving family behind is sometimes a good idea just to gain your rights even though you can not leave your family behind because it will hurt a lot but it is so you can gain your rights. This is individual freedom you have to leave your family behind so you can have your own
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