Role Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Fate is discovered to be responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet with the impulsive events it bestowed on the two lovers. The actions that led to the partners’ cruel ending was all caused by fate itself, as shown in the beginning of the love story, “a pair of star-crossed lovers,” led to this future holder foreshadow the two to, “take their lives,” resulting in a tragic closure for these young adolescents. It was set upon already that Romeo’s and Juliet’s relationship would be wrecked with disasters and serious consequences, and fate is the reason due to the fact it was the one that placed the misfortune onto the two lovers that only desired each other. With the metaphor and foreshadowing of the lovers’ deaths, it reveals fate is the cause of this catastrophic outcome as it holds the power of their destiny; giving Romeo and Juliet the melancholy love they had no ability to control.…show more content…
As the Montagues conversed with one another before the ball, Romeo felt a suspicion arise within himself with the thought, “some consequences yet hanging in the stars” (Act 1, Scene 4, 120). The predicament of a specific feeling could appear at the masquerade was brought down by fate because it displays that fate brought signals to Romeo already of his future, as there are numerous conflicts appearing after the ball, and he had no control over it. The statement shows fate is guilty because it proves fate was the one that brought Romeo and Juliet together at the ball, as Romeo went even if with the uneasiness, which then results in their love continuing. In conclusion, no specific person was the cause of the death of Romeo and Juliet because it was fate who pressed the actions onto the tale which leads to numerous
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