Role Of Flappers In The 1920's

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In the 1920’s, there were many controversial issues going on such as prohibition, the war ending and the view of woman in society. Although, many other issues were prevalent at this time, one that gained a wide variety of attention was the more risqué women of the 1920’s, flappers. Many at this time still believed that woman should only be in the background and not be seen as a public figure, but many woman began to disagree and were ready for their on way, leading to the beginning of flappers. The flapper woman were not afraid of change and with the rise of prohibition and jazz, they were introduced into a whole new set of circumstances (2 4). They embraced change, such as changing the way they looked, how they acted, and basically began to individualize themselves. Some saw what the flappers were stepping out of line and were not being respectable woman, but others thought it was time to be questioning the school norm. The flappers, that began flourishing during World War I, by the 1920’s had become a prominent character with their very own defining characteristics. Around the time of the WWI woman were closer than ever before to gaining women’s rights, giving women the confidence they needed to make change happen(2 2). By the time the war ended, flappers had gained an image of “slender woman in short straight dresses, long beaded necklaces, and bobbed hair, drinking gin and dancing the Charleston (1 167)”4. The flappers were the new woman of the era that were opinionated

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