Role Of Globalization In Australia

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Globalization, when considered in relation to trade and money, can lead one to wonder if it is all about powerful people, organised as corporations, making goods where labour is cheapest, carting it to where the price is highest, benefiting no one but themselves, trampling the planet in the process. Was it all worth it?

Globalization, when considered in relation to human rights, can restore one’s belief that it really is worth it. Much has been agreed. Much has been achieved. Much, however, is still in the process of turning from words and ideas to real outcomes for real people.

The universal fear and horror of WW2 and the relief following provided the perfect opportunity for the emergence of the UN in 1945, and emerging from that, amazingly, the agreement, with a few notable abstentions, on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This was, and still is, a remarkable document, and the consensus an amazing global achievement.

The fact that nations actively monitor, encourage, even coerce each other to implement its articles and provisions demonstrates its power and its relevance.

The Declaration has evolved into a range of Articles, and these have become the basis of binding agreements in international law.
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I have a special interest in this – it is close to home, and many Australians including my church community continue to provide direct help. In our case, to support a medical clinic in Dili. The people of East Timor had endured a long period as a colony of Portugal. They deeply resented this, and more so when replaced by Indonesia. Military action was used to enforce the Indonesian occupation, but this was opposed and troublesome, and Indonesia eventually agreed to a referendum – to let the people vote for their independence, or for the protection of Indonesia. The UN had long been monitoring the human rights status of
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