Role Of Governance Within A Health Care Organization

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Role of Governance in Health Care Organization Rita Washington Grand Canyon University: HCA-545 7 August 2016 The concept of governance within a health care organization must be well design and welcome cooperation (Berger, S. (2011). When those that make policies can understand how to apply cooperative regulatory structure in healthcare setting it is noted that self-interest is not the only way of motivating positive behavior. The concept of governance spells out who is responsible for ensuring and providing support and services to all members needing health resources (Berger, S. (2011). The structure of a healthcare organization can have a huge impact on how effective governance will be (Johnson, J. A. (2009). Policies makers must remember when outlining external motivations, like money, will decrease the value of internal motivations. The ability of policies makers to introduce positive self-interested behavior when needed without crowding out internal cooperative motivations is a sign of a well structure governance system (Dowton, S.B. (2011). Within a health care organization there are many layers to include health boards in hospital governance. Corporate governance is a complex arranged of processes, policies, regulations, laws, organizational structures, people, and customs (Dowton, S.B. (2011). Each of these entity must establish a relationship in order to work toward a common goal that ensures the quality, accountability and
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