Role Of Government Agencies During The Food Manufacturing By The Small Scale Farmers

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Kolawole Ojo
Professor Christopher Carney
English 1301
July 22, 2015
Roles of Government Agencies in the food Manufacturing by the
Small scale farmers:
Food is needed by our body to develop, repair body tissue, cells to produce energy for day to day activities. Food is made up of vital supplements that body needed in adequate quantities. Micronutrient such as minerals and vitamins are needed in small quantities. Macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fat and protein are required in large amount. The United States Department of Agriculture has been said to have compromised their values in the food service sector. The Body cannot properly perform its functions if any of these are missing or substituted for. A huge effort has been accorded
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The regulation imposed on the small scale farmer favors the large scale farmer who could afford the terms. Efforts are not made on the genetically modified species. The slaughter house and the beef industries in the large firms have abandoned the rudiment and ethics in food processing and management. They were concerns with the profit margins they could realize in short time. Large fund were pumped into the project, unskilled laborers were employed to handle food. Science based fertilizer and cloning were the order of the day people. Expansion in the production chain brings a lot of compromise to quality and standard of the product. The use of conservative on products has caused more harm. There are more cases of obesity and chronic diseases. The Fresh milk was substituted with stepped down pasteurized milk. It is good to get rid of the dangerous germ, but pasteurization does more harm when exposed to high temperature. Most of the individual who uses fresh milk were not considered. There are great numbers of cases where local farmers were kept hostage for 6-7 hours with restriction to movement and pointing of gun at them like a criminal. When approached about the seizure and arrest they were not able to provide good evidences and in so many times their word contradict each others. Government spent so much
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