Role Of Government Essay

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The role of government has developed throughout the years changing the way we view and act in society today. For example, the national government ensure that the citizens of the United States are all treated equally, applies law and order, and provides opportunities. The government has changed dramatically since we now have social media, newspapers, and the radio. However , not only has the government provided a strong impact in society in a positive way, but it has also impacted the society in negative ways. As a nation the public has found many imperfection in our government that they want to change. Public opinion has caused negative feedback through media and political participation . The government is trying to help the people by…show more content…
The creation of law and order has made it possible to keep everyone safe and maintain a balanced government. For example, in the United States people under the age of twenty-one are not allowed to drink. This law was created to establish safety for minors and create a safe environment. Law and order has created a respect for the laws made by the government. Currently the laws being enhanced are gun control laws. Gun control laws are keeping a limitation on who can posses a gun due to attacks towards innocent people. Law and order has helped the nation with stability and safety, instead of living in the state of nature.
In addition, the national government has provided opportunities for the people such as offering grants, medicare, and food stamps. These opportunities are offered to citizens to establish a healthy and working nation. For instance, grants are offered to students so they can continue their education. The grants can be used to pay their college expenses like they tuition or school supplies. Giving these grants help students finish their education ,and they can later give back to the government, such as paying taxes and providing a role in the government . Correspondingly , medicare is health care provided to senior citizens by government funding. Medicare has helped senior citizens receive health care since they cannot afford it. Food stamps are also offered by the
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