Role Of Hr Development And Change Management Essay

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ROLE OF HR IN DEVELOPMENT AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT Development and Change Management is about people and their capacity to adapt to change. The Human Resources department has a very vital role in any development and change management program. There HR department has to ensure are first and foremost kept motivated all the time. This facilitates smooth change towards development. First, there is a need to recruit right and relevant people for the job. The attitude of these people should be open and flexible geared towards thinking out of the box which can bring fresh perspectives at the service of the company. There is a constant need to look for people who can think non-linearly and adopt unconventional ways in working and achieving the goal. They need to be encouraged and empowered so that they in turn become and act as “change agents”. This is a key element in achieving development and change. The HR department should strive to mentor and nurture talent. There should be a constant lookout for people who act as catalysts for change and who can motivate other employees to participate in development and initiate change. Supportive management with supportive working environment speeds up this process. Care to be taken that those who contribute towards development and change should be suitably rewarded and adequately recognized which serves as an added incentive which further serves as a boost. The Human Resources department should be viewed much more than a supportive
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