Role Of Hrm Over The Period Of Time

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The report is an amalgamation of three patches of which, first, is a journal review of two human resources related articles: “Extending the Scope of Organisational Culture: the External Perception or an Internal Phenomenon” (MacIntosh and Doherty, 2007) and “Organisational Culture: An exploratory study comparing faculties’ perspectives within public and private universities in Malaysia” (Ramachandran, Ching and Ismail, 2010). This journal review is concluded by a reflection wherein the scholar expresses his experiences of the task. Next comes an essay which provides an insight into how an organisation can achieve benefits by implementing various HR practices in successful manner. Here literary work is extensively discussed in chronological order to highlight the development of the function of HRM over the period of time. This essay also highlights the major issues that HR managers confront in organisations and how they can be tactfully handled to sustain organisational well-being and accelerate organisational growth. This essay too has a self-reflection wherein the scholar again expresses his learning from the assignment. Lastly, the third exercise is a case study which has been analysed and presented as a report for Universal Manufacturers Group, UK. The management initiated for a transformational change within the organization to align all its operations including alignment of human resource functions with the business strategy and objectives. The initiation resulted in…
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