Role Of Hrm Over The Period Of Time

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The report is an amalgamation of three patches of which, first, is a journal review of two human resources related articles: “Extending the Scope of Organisational Culture: the External Perception or an Internal Phenomenon” (MacIntosh and Doherty, 2007) and “Organisational Culture: An exploratory study comparing faculties’ perspectives within public and private universities in Malaysia” (Ramachandran, Ching and Ismail, 2010). This journal review is concluded by a reflection wherein the scholar expresses his experiences of the task. Next comes an essay which provides an insight into how an organisation can achieve benefits by implementing various HR practices in successful manner. Here literary work is extensively discussed in chronological…show more content…
The outcome was increase in attrition rate and employee dissatisfaction. To combat these, suitable recommendations are made. Finally the report ends with a brief conclusion about what are the learning’s from these three exercises of different types and how people and organisations can be better managed.
1.3 PATCH 1: Introduction
In this segment an analysis of the two articles has been presented. The significance and inevitability of organizational culture is made prominent in both of the research study. The investigation of one study revolves around the corporate culture exclusively in the fitness organization in Canada while in the other study corporate culture in the private and public higher education institutions has been highlighted. Both the papers conclude that organizational culture is like corporate norms which impacts customer perception and need to be followed by employees.
1.4 Journal Summary Sheets
To be found in the Appendix
1.5 Research Methodology
The random sampling methodology is being adopted in the first study. Five cubs were selected as sample. Sources of data used to collect information were both primary sources and secondary sources. The participants were expected to fill up the questionnaire on the spot or to mail the survey through post. Participants were asked to rate their responses on a seven point scale
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