Role Of Human Service Workers And Overcome Issues Caused By Hate Groups

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Role of human service workers to overcome issue caused by hate groups The human service workers play a vital role in helping people to overcome, psychological, physical and alienation problems etc. The increasing of human problems in the modern world had become an issue. The human service professionals use different kinds of techniques to resolve the issues of people in the community (Woodside & McClam, 2012). Human service workers often witness some of the saddest sides of humanity, as when working with homeless, abused or neglected children, or those who have experienced a recent loss (Burger, 2013). This paper selects a hate group from Georgia State in US. The website ‘’ was used to identify a hate group in Georgia.…show more content…
Background of EURO In January of 2000, David Duke announced that he was creating a new organization to help protect the rights and heritage of European Americans. The group, NOFEAR (the National Organization for European American Rights), was modelled on civil rights groups like the NAACP and the National Council of La Raza and meant to fight against what Duke argued was widespread discrimination against whites by minorities. Duke told reporters in 2000 that white people in America were facing “genocide," and wrote in letter to the Shreveport Times that European Americans were "internally displaced people" deserving of refugee status and government protection. In 2001, a lawsuit was filed against Duke for trademark infringement by No Fear Inc., a sportswear company. To avoid legal action, Duke changed the name of his organization to EURO. EURO 's founder had far more serious problems with the law. An investigation of Duke for mail fraud prompted a
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