Role Of Identity Of Volunteer, And Well Being Among Volunteers

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1. Specify the title, author, and citation [6]
Title: Role-Identity Salience, Purpose and Meaning in Life, and Well-Being among Volunteers
Author: Peggy A. Thoits Year: 11 October 2012 Pages: 360-384
Published by SAGE
What is the research problem (what issue is addressed)? [6] Many kinds of roles give the better mental and physical well-being and also it will provide a sense of purpose and meaning in life. The more roles a person takes, the less their distress. On the basis of these studies of roles, the research problem is that a person`s purposeful and meaningful life made by important role-identity may give the positive influence of role-identity salience on mental and physical well-being. This article focuses on the role identity of “Volunteer,” Mended Hearts visitor.

2. Theoretical Foundation: What theory is being tested (or created)? What are the main concepts? [9]
There are four theories.
1. When volunteers spend much time in the volunteer activity, their volunteer identities are more important.
2. When these identities importance are greater, they enhance purpose and meaning.
3. If their life seems more purposeful and meaningful, their mental and physical well-being are better.
4. A sense of purpose and meaning work interactivity the relationship between visitor identity salience and well-being. Role-identities mean the social roles that one holds and enacts (McCall and Simmons 1978;…
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