Role Of International Assignments For Multinational Companies

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In the week four posting, the writer argued that even though there are some differences between the traditional expatriate’s selection method and the newer one, but there are still some similarities maintained in the selection method because it is still relevant with the situation or the requirement of the international assignment. For example, the use of big five personality test is still important because more companies have realized the necessity of considering not only the technical skill but also expatriates’ personality traits have an influence to their success in international assignment. See the full discussion posting in Appendix A and the list of the responded and initiated postings in Appendix C. Regarding the importance of…show more content…
Related to expatriates’ issues, one factor that may result in this occurrence is the formal selection process of candidates. Therefore, through this essay, there will be a discussion about the practice of the traditional selection of international assignment and analysis on how the international assignment selection has been proposed to get some modifications for the later practice. In the end, there will be an implication section about what factor may still be unchanged in an international assignment selection and what modifications need to be made in order to create an efficient selection of international assignment. Traditional selection of international assignment There is a study revealed that a selection of expatriate is likely an ad hoc process based on any immediate position require in the field, disregard any prior plan about the vacancy (Klaus, 1995). Moreover, Forster and Johnsen (1996) claim that the selection may be going through a less objective criterion and rely on top management decision. These finding shows that there is quite a big possibility that filling in the international position with an unplanned selection process would result in a less effective candidate. The issue may occur when the respective candidate may not perform align with the headquarter mission or face denial from the host country office. There are some emphasize of the traditional practice in selection, mainly more companies put focus on seeking
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