Role Of Judiciary : Court 's Guidelines

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Role of judiciary: - Court 's guidelines

The fact remains that they have a persuasive value and command respect. The Rio declaration is the product of hectic discussion out of the leaders of the nation of the world and it was after negotiations between the develop and the developing countries that an almost consensus declaration had been sorted out. Environment is an international problem having no frontiers creating trans- boundary effects. In this field every nation has to cooperate and contribute and for this reason the Rio declaration would serve as a great binding force and to create discipline among the nations while dealing with environment problems.
The united nation conference on the human environment, held in Stockholm in 1972, India has been an active participant in every such conference and has passed numerous environmental laws relating to environmental protection. International environmental law has deep foundations in these laws and India has not only ratified many UN conventions, but the judiciary has actively implemented them on its own accord in the many landmark judgement, as far back as the 1980. India also has a burgeoning NGO community which is deeply resourceful and committed to making India an environmentally friendly state. As India is a commonwealth nation, one can frequently look to countries like England USA and Australia for precedents. This gives legislators, lawyers and judges access to global
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