Role Of Locomotives During The Civil War

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Jake Bohling
The Role of Locomotives in the Civil War
What was the role of locomotives during The United States of America 's Civil War? There are many things that locomotive did during the United States of America 's civil war. First, locomotives were used to transport people. Locomotives were also used to transport other resources, such as weapons and food. Next, locomotives could be used very strategically, and cause confusion among enemies.
I chose the topic locomotives affects on the United States of America 's Civil War because I have been interested in the Civil War ,since visiting Kennesaw Mountain sparked my interested in the United States of America 's Civil War. Later, I asked my parents if they knew anything interesting
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Locomotives could transport thousands of troops to there destination in a very quick manner.. For example, Herman Haught rendered a strategy that was used at Gettysburg to transport the wounded. Herman Haught 's strategy was very effective in moving wounded soldiers. Two thousand to four thousand injured troops at a time. Another, fantastic example is during the first Battle of Manassas when the Confederates sent reinforcement troops with a locomotive causing a victory over the Union. Another example, is the Battle of Chickamauga when President Abraham Lincoln sent twenty thousand reinforcement troops in just eleven days from Washington, D.C. to Georgia. Locomotive were used for transporting the wounded and reinforcements during the United States of America 's civil war, but locomotives were also extremely effective at transporting resources such as guns, horses, food, and anything needed.
Next, Locomotives were used for transporting food, weapons, horses ,and many more things during the United States of America 's Civil War. Trains Could effectively carry large quantities of weapons at a time. Locomotives could hold people on board to defend the large amounts of weapons, since locomotives were so large. Trains would get their resources from a supply depot and then bring the resources to troops located along the railroad track. Although, carrying weapons by rail is extremely effective, it had multiple disadvantages. One disadvantage is that enemies
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