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R.K. Narayan is a prolific Indian writer writing in English. His fictions are greatly popular in India and abroad. Malgudi is the central focus of his imagination. This prominent place of the writer is the eternal source of the pleasures and sorrow of the characters of the novel. The writer the multitude sides of this imaginative location in almost all his novels. The characters presented in the fictions feel quite secured in the environment of Malgudi. Malgudi is really a dream for the readers. This place has comparable standard to the other writers of English literature. R.K. Narayan helps in understanding the nuances of Indian culture and its conflict with some examples from his works. Narayan’s literary creations are colorful…show more content…
It is so many things. It is for example, railway station, municipality, Albert Mission College, Village, Variety Hall, Bombay Anand Bhavan Restaurant, Trichy Trunk Road, Krishna Medical Hall, Ellamann Street, Market Road, Bombay Cloth Emporium, The Headmaster’s School ,Mempi Forest, Trichinopoly, Kavadi, Varity Cinema Hall, The Bus Stand retreat , pond, lotus, sunset, tamarind tree, the casuarinas tree jasmine, and the river. There are many other things. It is in a state of eternal flux. It is always extending. There is Lawley Extension where Krishna and Susila go to purchase a house. It is open to be influenced by other places, at least it is related to them in one way or the other. It is related To Hyderabad, Madras, Vallore, Cochin, Delhi, Rangoon, England and Europe. No, it is not only vast. It is very vast. It is related to heaven. Krishna communicates with his wife, susila who is now in heaven. There are in the novels of Narayan two kinds of Malgudi, the city Malgudi and the nature Malgudi. They may be compared to Shakespeare’s court life and the pastoral life. Let us discuss both kinds of Malgudi. The City…show more content…
Whereas the city Malgudi, like a villain, has a malignant influence on the characters, the Nature Malgudi, like a hero, has a benign influence on them. The river and the ruined temple exerts a healthy influence on Savitri. The temple and the Sarayu transform the criminal Raju into the scantly Raju. The retreat transforms Jagan who almost renounces the world. Under the salubrious influence of serene nature Krishna becomes so spiritual that he begins to communicate with the soul of susila. Nature is to Krishna a haven. “It looked like a green haven. Acres and acres of trees, shrubs and orchards. Far off, casuarinas leaves murmured”. The medium and Krishna can communicate with the souls in heaven in the nature’s background: “the casuarinas looked more and more enchanting than ever. Purple lotus bloomed on the pond surface. Gentle ripples splashed against the bank. The murmur of the casuarinas provided the music for the great occasion. We took our seats on the pyol of the little shrine. My friend shut his eyes and prayed, ‘Great souls, here we are. You have vouchsafed to us a vision for peace and understanding. Here we are ready to serve in the cause of

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