Role Of Mammy In Gone With The Wind

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Another stereotype seen in Gone with the Wind is the first African American to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Mammy, played by Hattie McDaniel. In the film, it is very patent of how important her role is. “Bogle's ‘Mammy’ category is often associated with the comic characteristics of the coons, but she is visually and psychologically distinctive. "Big, fat, cantankerous" and fiercely independent, the Mammy" was a role memorably defined by actresses. (Bogle) Hattie McDaniel was excellent in her role as Mammy, she was portrayed as very close to equal in some parts of the film. For example, when she is dressing Scarlett in preparation for the Wilkes’ barbeque she insists that Scarlett eat before she leaves, the way they talk it is clear that she is on a different status than the other house slaves. Mammy carries herself with a lot of dignity and at times is not afraid to express how she feels when it is necessary. Also, in the same scene she confronts Scarlett about her crush on Ashley Wilkes. In the movie Mammy gets away with a lot of things that the average slave wouldn’t. She is seen as the glue and rock to the O’Hara’s and she uses her strong voice and distinct facial expressions to keep Scarlett in line, and she is expected to not react when Scarlet blatantly disrespects her and her advice. However, the film was highly controversial among Northern liberal and black audiences. Journalist Ralph Matthews predicted the premiere of Gone with the Wind would

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