Role Of Management Performance : Ac 1.1

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agement role to improve management performance

AC 1.1
As a business Cubex is very open with their goals and objectives it is a process new employees go through in their inductions. It is an important task to set goals and objectives because once you learn the difference between the two, you realize that they go hand in hand, for example, goals without objectives will never get accomplished whilst objectives without goals will never get the company / person to where it wants to be. The two notions are entirely separate but associated.
Cubex’s goals and objectives are as follows, objectives:

Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Bound
Collaborate to leverage collective skills and ideas. Weekly meetings on how to move forward and develop as a business.
Innovative by being quick in responding to changing business needs and evolution in design trends and safe working. How much business Cubex get as a result of our innovative solutions in materials, design and completion.
Teamwork – owning the problem together and sharing the success. Employing a team that can work together effectively, honestly and professionally. yes yes
Integrity – honesty and moral principles in all of our dealings with each other, our customers, suppliers and sub – contractors. The amount of business Cubex get as a result of customer feedback and referrals, also the loyalty of our sub-contractor base. yes yes
Yearly strategy day.…
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