Role Of Media Illiteracy

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The role of community media as a tool for eradicating media illiteracy for a more participative and democratic outlook among younger generations in India.

Introduction-The scholars of media research are confident that media has the skills of being an important stakeholder in development messaging. While the level of influence that different types of media exerts could be different, this should not deter the media researchers from establishing better communication with the media illiterates at the bottom of developing societies. In order to ensure a balanced growth the policy on media literacy is like a necessary evil for developing nations as well as developed ones. Media literacy centers on the idea that representations of reality are often incomplete or inaccurate (Hobbs & Frost, 2003; Kellner & Share, 2005; Thoman & Jolls, 2004).
At the core of media literacy are the notions that all media messages and products are constructed using creative production techniques, that messages can be interpreted differently by different people, that media have embedded values and points of view, and that messages are generally created to gain profit and/or power (Thoman & Jolls,2004). Furthermore, for the past two decades, scholars have generally embraced the idea that media literate individuals should be able to access, analyze, evaluate and create media content (Aufderheide & Firestone, 1993).
The hot topic of discussion amongst scholars and educators is “news media literacy,” in
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