Role Of Model Leadership Model On Leadership Models

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Submitted by : Group 10 Abhishek Chourasia(PGP28236) Bharat Abhishek (IEP15024) Marco Vilardo (IEP15022) Sayan Das (PGP29307) Sudheer Tatikonda (PGP29202)

To- Prof. Shailendra Singh

1. Introduction
2. Model Description
3. Strengths of the Model
4. Limitations of the Model
5. Conclusion

During the last few decades, numerous management researches have focused their attention on leadership. This field has received even more interest due to globalization and with the further increase in the companies size has led to more popularity of some CEOs and politicians who have become icons inspiring, leading people and entire generations.
Retracing the first studies, the capacity to be a leader was traced to innate features owned from birth. Afterwards, different researches showed that each person can be a leader, using specific approach and style, learning becoming crucial in attaining that position. Basically the main leadership models defined until now, concentrated their attention on two different aspects:
• Leader peculiarities: behavior or personal characteristics, sometimes innate, which can help him/her to lead people in the various situations
• Relation
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