Role Of Montag In Fahrenheit 451

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Montag plays a vital role in this book by showing the struggle of human kind when it comes to seeking knowledge and the unsettling feeling of when things just don’t seem right. Why is the main character Montag such an important role in this book? Along with his interaction with the seventeen year old Clarissa and how she helps him to realize that the world isn’t perfect, while he slowly unravels which could be his undoing. Toward the end, Montag meeting with the professor and others puts him on a path of what looks like clarity.
To begin, lets go back to the question that was asked, “Why is Montag role so important in this book?”. Is it because the author is trying to portray him as a hero or is it automatically a stereotypical mind thought, that firefighters are already foreseen as heroes? When Montag characters personality portray him as a hero; where he does take pride in this title, until his views
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Clarissa at first makes Montage a little uneasy, but after further interaction he starts to warm up to her. During, their brief interactions she slowly tells him what has been going on around him, which is totally different then what he thought of originally. Upon Clarissa disappearance, he mentally starts to lose it, which is now allowing him to see the world for more then what it really is. He is now questioning, “What Clarissa was telling him now is making sense?”.
Toward the end of the book, Montag has now seeking help in order to sort out everything, through a professor. This professor helps Montag come to a better understanding of why books are outlawed and how books can effect a mans mind. He also tries to explain to Montag there are positive outlooks on reading books and what the knowledge books hold inside them. Knowing this Montag journey continues, including encountering another character; Granger, while sorting our everything and coming to an
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