Role Of Ngos And Civil Society Groups

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Role of NGOs/Civil Society Groups With the ever increasing population of India, it becomes all more important for NGO’s to come up and plug the gaps left by government. As of now, India has around 33 lakhs NGO’s in India. That amounts to 1 NGO per 400 people. A lot of times NGO’s are setup for tax evasion and misappropriation of government funds but still a large number of NGO’s do good work and there are NGO’s doing positive work in every sector. NGO’s play a huge role in nation building. 90% of India’s workforce includes self-employed and employed in unorganized sector They are focusses around different areas such as health, education, jobs, welfare, etc. here we are going to restrict our discussion to role of NGO’s in the context of…show more content…
Usually contract workers fear that if they join a union or raise voice against the employer, they would be removed from the job. And since they are living in a hand to mouth situation, it becomes all the more difficult to stand up against injustice. The helplessness was the main reason why workers tend to organize in the form of trade unions. Also this act needs to be strictly implemented else it may become futile. This may also be one of the reasons by contract workers fail to find protection against this injustice. Usually NGO’s try to help the contract workers as and when problems arise and they are not independent in nature. In fact NGO’s help to bring the problems to the surface. These organizations are the same for permanent workers as well and there is not separate body for contract workers. Basically these NGO’s are first
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