Role Of Ngos And Civil Society Groups

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Role of NGOs/Civil Society Groups

With the ever increasing population of India, it becomes all more important for NGO’s to come up and plug the gaps left by government. As of now, India has around 33 lakhs NGO’s in India. That amounts to 1 NGO per 400 people. A lot of times NGO’s are setup for tax evasion and misappropriation of government funds but still a large number of NGO’s do good work and there are NGO’s doing positive work in every sector. NGO’s play a huge role in nation building.
90% of India’s workforce includes self-employed and employed in unorganized sector
They are focusses around different areas such as health, education, jobs, welfare, etc. here we are going to restrict our discussion to role of NGO’s in the context of contract labour and 3rd party.

A substantial number of NGO’s are involved in some of the major problems such as lack of quality skills and employment opportunities. These NGO’s focus on imbibing skills and help in creating livelihood for poor by aiding in entrepreneurial opportunities. NGO’s which adopt best practices and bring about maximum transparency will receive higher funding for the causes they support.

Role of NGO’s
There are many organizations which are involved in protecting the interests of contract workers. The labourers may also be part of trade unions. When the law was enacted, they were also involved in the discussions. Accordingly, discussion were carried out with the representatives of trade unions such as…
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