Role Of Ngos On Addressing Sexual Harassment

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Role of NGOs in addressing sexual harassment India has several non-governmental organizations, which are constantly working towards addressing the issue of sexual harassment at work place. These organizations are working in this direction by following the following steps: 1. Awareness programmes NGOs like Oxfam India and Parivarthan are increasingly taking initiatives to organize programmes and camps to promote awareness among the women of the country. Since, education in an area where India still lags behind, such intervention from outside is important to ensure that the victims know about their rights and duties. These organizations tackle the problem of ignorance through such programmes. 2. Support to victims These NGOs provide social and psychological support to the victims to help them recover from the trauma. Such help is provided in the form of a personal one-on-one counseling for the victim as well as for the family. It gives them courage to fight emotionally and physically. 3. Legal aid NGOs often provide the requisite legal aid to the victims so that they may not be denied justice. Legal costs are borne by these NGOs, who strive to ensure justice. Lawyers engaged by these organizations assist the victims by presenting and fighting for the victims in the court. 4. Self-defense training The NGOs also arrange for self-defense classes for students as well as working professionals. Such training gives physical as well as mental strength to fight against
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