Role Of Nurse Leader And Nurse Manager

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Role of Nurse Leader and Nurse Manager in Nursing Shortage and Turn-over During the recent years, the American Healthcare system is struggling with the issue of the nursing shortage and turnover. There are many rationales and reasons for this issue and the writer will discuss some of them in this paper. Nursing shortage and turnover remarkably influenced on the provision of the services by the health care provider, the financial burden on the healthcare facility and also a stressful working environment for the nurses. Also, the writer will discuss and evaluate this issue by evaluating numerous leadership and management theories and their roles. In addition to it, will also share a personal and professional philosophy of nursing associated with this issue. Major reasons for nursing shortage and turn-over A report, published by United State General Accounting Office mentioned that the health care system and a long-term system heavily depend on the nursing services. It also mentioned that the extreme shortage of nurses is expected in the near future because of the baby-boomers are reaching the age of 60’s and 70’s (GAO, 2001) and due to their age-related complications, they need more assistance for hospitals, long-term services, and home health care. On the contrary, The National Council of State Boards of Nursing indicated that 55% of the Registered Nurse workforce are around the age of 50 and older. Also, the Health Resource and Services Administration predicts that 1,000,000
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