Role Of Nurse Practitioners On The Future Supply And Demand For Physicians

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With the demand for primary care services already straining resources and capacity in most states, more than 16 million individuals are projected to gain health insurance coverage by 2016, and through advancements in medical science we have a rapidly aging population, many states are considering all options to increase the number and role of primary care providers. Despite a vigorous increase in the supply of physicians following unprecedented increases in medical school capacity in recent years, the “Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) still projects a shortage of 130,000 physicians by 2025, split almost equally between primary and specialty care.” (Association of American Medical Colleges. The Impact of Health Care Reform on…show more content…
All physicians have at least a Bachelors degree, medical school, and at least fours years of residency where daily they practice on patients while being directly supervised by other doctors that have decades of experience and even more advanced degrees in their respected field. After this a physician can continue to achieve in more residency programs in their respected fields; this can take another one to four years depending on speciality. Another rout is to do a fellowship, in your respected field, which can take up to another two years. All together taking ten to twelve more years after your initial four years of Bachelors. Some in the health community believe that four years of a Bachelors in Nursing and two more consecutive years in a Masters of Nursing program with limited interaction with patients, should not qualify an individual to be able to practice medicine independently without the supervision of a physician. The American Medical Association has no problem with nurse practitioners practicing on patients, but with supervision of that practice; the same way physician’s assistants, and surgeon’s assistant are currently being governed. It is becoming more and more commonplace in the health care setting to have nurse practitioners work along side with physicians, and the quality of those nurse practitioners is not in question, but even physicians refer to other physicians for their support, as should nurse practitioners. Just like
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