Role Of Public Administrators During Protecting Civil Liberties

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Role of Public Administrators in Protecting Civil Liberties

My overall reaction to the article written by Greenblatt, (2013), surrounding free speech was that of dismay because I would think that people would know what to say and what not to say. However, after reading the article, clearly with cyberspace it opens up several doors for hate speech, it opens door for people to just say anything without thought of being offensive or not, hateful or not, just because they can say it.
According to Carter, (2012) there are positive and negative liberties. The article references free will and autonomy as it relates to two distinct kinds of liberty. They can be viewed in the political realm and seen as rival, incompatible interpretation of a single political ideal. As such with “freedom of speech”. Further, the article discusses political liberalism idea of liberty is that one claim to be in favor of a liberty then they should oppose limitations on activities of the state.
The opposing view (negative) is the pursuit of liberty is self-realization or self-determination and can require state intervention which is not normally allowed by liberals. In essence it is about interference and who is at liberty to do whatever without interference.
Looking at freedom of speech from this lens I would say collectively what is best? Though, In the US, we supposedly have freedom of speech supposedly that too is limited. There are certain things that I cannot say post 911. If I tweet or
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