Role Of Purchasing Portfolio Matrix And Cox Model Relationship

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Table of Contents Introduction 3 The role of purchasing 3 The key factors 6 Kraljic Portfolio Matrix and Cox Model relationship. 8 The advantages and disadvantages 12 The success factors come from human resource 13 Conclusion and Recommendations 14 Bibliography 16 Table of figures Figure 1- the basic model of Porters Value Chain (Fao2001)????..4 Figure 2 ? Purchasing portfolio matrix, (Bedey et al. 2008)????....10 Figure 3- The Cox Model relationship (Btecexpert 2011)?????...11 Introduction In twentieth century demonstrate supply chains expand into an international company, preferably in the computer, food, and raw material in the industries, which has challenges and motivations in the procurement management in globalization. So, that effect on firm structure and strategies to create many competitors. A special challenge for these lead to complicated of the supply chain will change with the size of the business and the product intricacy that are many competitor in the worldwide. The aim of this essay discuss and critique of the role of purchasing in the global supply chain, an outline and discuss of three factors, such as, environment, technological, and practice, outline the advantages and disadvantages, discussion, and critical Kraljic Portfolio Matrix and Cox Model relationship needed to changes, discuss the human resource factors and recommendations the developing future procurement strategy in the global supply chain. The role of
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