Role Of Recruitment Process At Tesco

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Business Studies

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Business Studies
Tesco is a major global retailer. Although based in the UK, Tesco has been able to develop into a general merchandising an international grocery chain and employs over 440,000 workers globally. The success of the Tesco, as listed on the website, depends on the people who include the members of staff and the customers. Tesco Human Resource department is tasked with the duty of organizing, resourcing, planning, managing employee relations and reward management (Armstrong, 2007 P. 147). The paper discusses how Tesco controls its recruitments and selection process to ensure that it has the correct individuals working in the respective posts.
Recruitment process at Tesco Recruitment refers to the process of attracting the right applications standards to apply for available job positions. Jobs advertisement at Tesco is done in various ways and as per the available position. Initially, the organization observes the Internal Talent Plan. This is a process that usually serves the current workers who are searching for a promotion or a change in position. In the event that there are no internal employees searching for a position, Tesco advertises the vacancies internally through its intranet for a duration of fourteen days (Ryle 2013,
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It gives the business the time to train the staff on how to take and meet the new responsibilities and recruit staff to fill the job vacancies. Tesco is an international organization that provides various job opportunities. As such, it has adopted a selection and recruitment strategies that ensure that it has the correct workforce with the right behavior and skills to support its overall development and growth. Screening, Interviews and Assessment Centre are amongst the three selection methods that can be used by an
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