Role Of Robert Steinbeck 's ' The Grapes Of Wrath '

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Robby LaRoy
APLang 2º
Ms. Lehman
The Role of Unity in Survival

During the great depression in the plains of Oklahoma, workers were forced out of their homes as their crops withered away to nothing and dust took over. The general feeling of these migrant workers during the late 20’s and early 30’s can be summarized by the struggle for survival showcased in The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. In the novel, a family called the Joads makes their way westward in hopes of a better life for themselves and their future families. In order to understand the zeitgeist during the dust bowl and the experiences of migrant workers, one must first analyze the intercalary chapters and identify with the characters and their various struggles. Steinbeck yearns for this comprehension and uses intercalary chapters to further the reader’s knowledge of the time period in which the book is set.
Steinbeck uses chapter 1 as a precursor to the Joad story and explains a barren wasteland that is the Midwest. The desolate and lifeless setting he illustrates clearly tells the state that the Oklahomans were living in. This chapter establishes the entire feeling of the whole novel to come through various themes and ideas. Unity and survival are among some of the prevailing themes secured in the first chapter and the worsening state of crops, are all precursors in the troublesome Joad story that Steinbeck would go on to tell. In this chapter, Steinbeck writes, “Women and children knew deep in…
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