Role Of Sme ( Small And Medium Enterprises Companies Businesses Do Play Against The Economy Of Any Country

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[TYPE THE COMPANY NAME] [Type the document title] [Type the document subtitle] Rushi Contents TITLE: 2 1. CHAPTER ONE 3 1.1 INTRODUCTION: 3 1.2 SELECTION OF (SME) COMPANY: 4 SUMMARY OF PEXIMCO EUROPE LTD: 4 1.3 THE PURPOSE OF STUDY: 6 1.3 HYPOTHESIS: 6 1.4AIMS OF THE STUDY: 7 1.5OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: 7 1.6RESEARCH QUESTIONS: 8 1.7 Time Scale (Work Plan): 8 2. CHAPTER TWO 10 2.1. LITERATURE REVIEW: 10 3. CHAPTER THREE 15 3.1. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: 15 3.2. ANALYSIS AND PRESENTATION: 16 3.3. DISCUSSIONS AND RESULTS: 16 3.4. CONCLUSION: 16 3.5. LEGITIMACY AND CREDIBILITY: 17 3.6. ETHICAL ISSUES: 17 REFERENCES AND BIBLIOGRAPHY: 17 TITLE: What role SME (small and medium enterprises) businesses do play against the economy of…show more content…
Firstly, SME can be defined as the companies that employ less than 500 employees in public companies or private businesses . This means that who is using less than 500 employees of the company are measured SMEs. These small and medium business operates in a small production company like small bakeries, small shops, large shopping malls, with branch offices, a limited number of small shops around the corner, away, small hotels, small restaurants, etc., there are many definitions of SMEs, they come from a different country to country, one economy to another. For example, in Canada, companies has to regard as those SMEs with less than 500 employees, while on the other hand, according to[Meghana Ayyagari, and Thorsten Beck and Asli Demirguc- Dagon, 2003 4], SME business is stated as the number of employees of these enterprises that employs 0-250 staff. 1.2 SELECTION OF (SME) COMPANY: In this thesis, it is very essential to choose a company that operates as a SME in the UK, so that data collection can be done easily. For this purpose, I chose a company that is presently working as SME and while the company has been working in the same area of retailers, but offers and sells a variety of products and services at different times of the year, which provides additional benefits in order to understand policy work and function it. These differences among their products and services at different times throughout the year but the same field of retail similarities
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