Role Of Social Media Within The Online Community

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CHAPTER 2 Literature Review The domain of sentiment analysis has witnessed a growth of substantial research. Even though there were some attempts to study sentiment analysis previously, the growing interest in the research area came up as a result of the eruption of user generated data in online discussion forums and reviews and most especially social media. According to Pang and Lee (2008), the research of sentiment analysis can be broadly classified into two main areas: research investigating the polarity of subjective text and research evaluating the objectivity of subjectivity of textual entities. The following section provides a literature review on the role of social media within the online community. Next, an overview of sentiment analysis is discussed, twitter sentiment analysis, the application of sentiment analysis in political discussions, sentiment analysis techniques, the features of sentiment analysis and finally the challenges attached to sentiment analysis. The Role of Social Media within the Online Community In the recent times, the massive growth of social media platforms particularly Twitter has resulted in the generation of interest from various researchers from different academic and professional field with the discourse of BIG DATA. One domain of research has focused on the internal use of microblogging to support project management within a corporate organisation (Bohringer and Richter, 2009). Others have evaluated the role of twitter on the
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