Role Of The Ageing Population On The Healthcare System

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The phenomenon of the ageing population is bringing pressure worldwide to the healthcare system as people live longer and experience greater comorbidities for longer. This ageing population has a strong effect on the aged care sector of health and nursing as there is greater demand for services and stricter limitations to budgeting and time allocated to administering the care required. This trend is causing additional strain on the staffing retention and skills mixes available to the workers in aged care and it is crucial that management be aware of the factors influencing their staffs’ satisfaction and morale if there is to be any improvement in the numbers of workers staying in aged care. Nurses are in the unique position and are crucial to clinical governance and care in this setting and are a key aspect to delivering great care; nurses are a resource to be greater valued.
Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) – a facility that provides care services and assisted living to the older persons living within in it.
Registered nurse (RN) – a nurse, who holds a professional registration by a governing body after completing specific training and is the holder of a degree or completed the equivalent from a hospital based program, is qualified to perform complete nursing services.
Enrolled nurse (EN) – a nurse, who through has met the minimum requirement in a certificate IV or Diploma from a vocational education and training provider and maintains their registration…
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