Role Of The Baby Boomers Generation Through Time

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The “pig in the python” describes the role of the baby boomers generation through time. As the baby boomers creep towards retirement age, a problem comes in being able to provide retirement services for a large population from a comparatively smaller population of workers. The baby boomers were a generation that defined America, contributing much to it’s growth but in return created plenty of problems that we will deal with for years to come.

Baby boomers grew up in a generation that had high hopes for the future of their country. More people mean’t more education, higher levels of income and thus more buying and spending than any previous generations in history. It was in itself, a generational movement of people who believed they were making a change for the better.

Baby boomers, through time, really did become the holders of wealth. They made up a huge portion of workers, and an even bigger portion of spenders. The world saw the effects, as more people traveled, invested, and started businesses.

This demographic of the population is the same that fought in the Vietnam war, and thus, the same that made up the peace movements against it. Vietnam was only the beginning, there were tons of events that defined a baby boomer 's life. From civil rights to the cold war. They saw the assassination of a president, the landing on the moon, the drugs and rock & roll of the 70’s, feminism. It was one of the more awesome generations to be a part of. They were very much characterized…
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