Role Of The Balance Of Power

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What is meant by the term balance of power? Analyse the role of the balance of power in the development of modern international system to the mid 20th century

The term balance of power refers to a mechanism that operates to prevent one state becoming preponderance of power, that it is in a position to lay down and enforce the law overall others . Power is the ability to achieve one’s purpose or goal, it make other people do what they wouldn’t do. In an international system balance of power can also indicate as a state seeking to maintain an approximate equilibrium of power among many rivals. In addition in also indicate any ration of power capabilities between states and alliances . Additionally alliance also plays an important role in the balance of power. At the heart of tradition balance of power theory is that states will join alliances to avoid domination by stronger lies. Plus it joins alliances to protect themselves from states or coalitions whose superior resources could pose a threat . Alliances are the most valuable instrument for advancing as a state’s interests. Alliances are primary tool for enhancing a states ‘s security in the face of external and occasionally internal threats too .

For example during the Cold War the United States surrounded the Soviet Union with the military and political alliance to prevent Soviet territorial expansion . This demonstrates how alliances can be use against treats to a state. The following example of alliance,…
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