Role Of The Belbin Team Role Theory

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Task 2 To have an effective workplace, order needs to be clearly demonstrated for staff to understand the role they are doing. This will allow the staff to have a better idea of how to perform to their highest ability. In order for this to happen, hierarchy in the work place has to be set. So staff in the work place knows who is clearly in charge of them. “The Belbin team role theory”, has allowed companies to take up test to see who is most appropriate for the role they are best fit for. By having this test staff will know what area of work they are best at and this will also help staff excel in the areas of work they are in (Carr 2002). For each task set out in a work place, time frames for jobs to be completed are created in order for…show more content…
Other methods of keeping companies to achieving plan objects is by send emails such within the business or alerts to staff computers to remind the staff of work that needs to be completed. This way employee always have a constant reminder that work needed to be completed and handed in to those who it may concern. “The Effective Executive”, is a book that was able to give a structured way of organising you as an individual to help an individual. This will contribute to the business as it allows the companies to achieve maximum result on task to be completed (Drucker 1967). Having a structure to complete task is good. This ensures that the work set can be completed although; extra time is added on to complete task to allow flexibility to take place. Incorporating flexibility allows the business to come up with alternative schemes or ideas to tackle any problems that might occur in the business. For example, if a deadline was set to come up with a design for a university accommodation but the design didn’t not met the specification in time then the deadline will have to be extended. However, the business would have already planed for an extension due to the flexibility of the time that would have been set out for altercations. An abstract from a book explained how flexibility would help a
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