Role Of The British Empire During The Industrial Revolution

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Introduction The people of Great Britain are very proud of the nations history when it comes to engineering and innovation. The role the British Empire played in the industrial revolution??, the development of the steam engine?? and rail transport?? were the first few steps that changed the face of the world (for better or worth) that we live in now. This idea fills people’s hearts with pride. But where this idea is still alive in some parts of the country, there are areas where this attitude is no longer to be found. The birthplace of the railway has seemed to have fallen behind the rest of the world. High speed trains that are outdated before they are even built and portion of the public resisting even that (for all the wrong reasons). High Speed Two High Speed Two is the high speed railway that is planned to connect London to the West Midlands in its phase 1 and later extended to Manchester and 1 LASZLO ERDOS University of Birmingham December 8, 2016 Leeds in phase 2. It is scheduled to begin construction in 2017 and phase 1 will due to be finished in 2026. Most of the rails in the United Kingdom either dates back to Victorian times or is of the quality that it might as well be??. These lines are limited to a speed of 200km/h and therefore it is more efficient to built new lines for high speed rails. High Speed Rail has been around in one form or another since the 1960s (in other countries that is). Today, an operating speed of at least 250km/h is required for anything
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