Role Of The Culture Committee At Southwest

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The company has done a super job with using LUV to create a supportive culture and to nurture achievement of the company’s customer satisfaction objectives. They have a cost-saving approach to operating, both management and employees are attentive to keeping costs down and to operating in a lean fashion. This is a major reason for Southwest’s success in implementing and executing its strategy. Southwest formed a Culture Committee in 1990 to promote “Positively Outrageous Service” and devise tributes, contests, and celebrations intended to nurture and perpetuate the Southwest Spirit and Living the Southwest Way. Over the years, the committee has sponsored and supported hundreds of ways to promote the traits and behaviors embedded in…show more content…
A quarterly news video, As the Plane Turns, was sent to all facilities to keep employees up to date on company happenings, provide clips of special events, and share messages from customers, employees, and executives. The company had published a book for employees describing “outrageous” acts of service. Southwest’s management deserves a grade of A+, it is hard to see what Southwest could have done much better. The best examples being the company’s array of employee management practices and their strong commitment to identifying and implementing ways to keep its costs low. Southwest is a company with no glaring weaknesses or critical operating problems, but there are areas of concern. Southwest has lost some of its cost advantages in recent years, rival airlines have been slashing costs to survive, particularly in the areas of pilot salaries and employee salaries. Southwest has also been moving into airports with higher landing fees and more congestion. The acquisition of AirTran is a great choice for Southwest. Air Tran is also pursuing a low-cost strategy, so there is a good fit from the standpoint of their core competitive approaches. AirTran has flights to several attractive geographic areas and
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