Role Of The Department Of Homeland Security

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Role of the DHS in Counterterrorism

On September 11, 2011, the United States observed the tenth anniversary of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of the United States . The creation of many anti-terrorism organizations was a clear message that this threat is beyond a single military or intelligence capacity. Our citizens demanded a strong response that would prevent any future terrorist threat. President Bush created the Department of Homeland Security as the key agency responsible for all anti-terrorism activities to protect our homeland. Government officials and law makers introduced anti-terrorism laws and measures to allow key intelligence and counterterrorism agencies to protect us from terror.

Outlining the role of the Department of Homeland Security depicts how this agency was able to coordinate multi agency work to achieve one common goal,; to protect American citizens. The DHS has played a valued role in protecting our nation against terrorism while engaging in a joint agency task force to avoid any deficiencies or miscommunication that might allow terrorists the openings to attack us. The Department of Homeland Security made counterterrorism its first and ultimate goal by "detecting explosives in public spaces and transportation networks, helping protect critical infrastructure and cyber networks from attack, detecting agents of biological warfare, and building information-sharing partnerships with state and local law enforcement that can enable law
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