Role Of The Executive Officer Of The Chief Officer

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The role of business in society is multifaceted in that there is an obligation to its shareholders, its clients and its employees. In the instance of Margin Call by J.C Chandor, a wide range of justifications revealed by the upper management level of an investment firm evinces the core values of the firm. Once it is revealed that there is a high probability of the firm being the devalued beyond market capitalization, the firm and its division heads attempt to find a solution to the imminent crisis. Although there is some dissent from Sam Rogers, Head of Sales and Trading, CEO Tuld promptly decides to liquidate the firm’s toxic assets onto the market. However, there is much internal tension between the chief officers in that they individually represent different predicaments. In the end, Margin Call illustrates conviction that the role of business is to engender a certain type of lifestyle for the society through the executives’ justifications and interactions with others.
In the first scene of Margin Call, there is a massive unannounced layoff for about 80% of the trading floor in the investment firm. Though Eric Dale has worked in risk management for many years, the firm’s decline in profits requires that it downsize in order to survive. Will, Head of Trading, tells the risk analysts to carry on with their jobs despite having most of their co-workers laid off, but he also jadedly asks if it’s the first layoff the analysts have seen. Will is nonchalant about the layoff as…
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