Role Of The Family Nurse Practitioner

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The Role of the Family Nurse Practitioner in Advanced Nursing Practice Although advanced nursing practice is a broad field with several roles defined within, the author of this essay has identified the role of the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) as the focus for this assignment. The FNP role was selected as it is the specialty track in which the author is furthering his professional nursing education. The Family Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse (RN) who possesses advanced clinical training, skills, and competencies acquired through the completion of a Master’s or Doctoral nursing degree in order to provide family-centered primary care to individuals across the lifespan. (American Association of Nurse Practitioners [AANP], 2015). Family Nurse Practitioners practice independently in several states, although some states require that a collaborative agreement with a physician be in place. The scope of practice of the FNP mirrors that of a Family Physician and the education and training of the FNP overlaps into the specialty area of Family Medicine in that conducting physical examinations, diagnosing, ordering and interpreting tests, as well as prescribing medications are intricate parts of their responsibilities; much like a primary care physician’s. Because of the more holistic nature of the nursing profession, there are some unique characteristics that differentiate an FNP from other primary care providers. There is a marked focus on the well-being of the
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