Role Of The Goddess Of Indian Society

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Name: Choi I Chan Professor: Terry Russell Course: ASIA 1420 Date: October 27, 2016 The Role of the Goddess in Indian Society Just like the way the Indian society respect and cherish their goddesses, the assumption is that the same society should treat women with respect, concern, and care. Role models have played a central role in shaping the way a person thinks and behaves in the society. Therefore, it is logic to suggest that Indian women will always use the goddesses as their role models on how they can earn respect from the rest of the society. This paper examines goddesses as role models with regard to the Indian society, the role of Indian goddesses in influencing girls’ behaviours, further exemplifies how the goddesses reminded the Indian society about the place of women, and finally compares the position of women in India and other countries and describes the plight of India women as the society continues to worship goddesses. The role of the Indian goddesses in feminism cannot be underestimated. The goddesses have served the purpose of reminding worshipers of the significance and place of the women in the Indian society. For instance, the celebration of the Kumari goddess reminds men to treat women as their equal, a culture that has contributed immensely to the promotion and protection of the welfare of the Indian women (Hiltebeitel and Erndl 93). Girls are encouraged to worship the goddess as it serves as a constant reminder of how women are expected to carry
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