Role Of The High Performance Of Remittance Essay

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Introduction: In modern life we cannot think without banks and financial institutions. All financial transactions such as export, import, buying, selling, loan and borrowing are dependent on bank system. Economic stability socio-economic development, international business affairs all are interrelated with banking system. The history of banking system is old. It is derived from reserve system of grains and after exchange of money. History of banking system in our subcontinent especially our country is not old. Bangladesh is a developing country, in where, limited resources, burden of overpopulation, economic instability, political instability, corruption, natural disaster, are always hindering the development. The high performance of remittance has a greater contribution in present economic stability of the country, when we can convert the burden of overpopulation toward better human resource through effective human resource management, skill development program, training, education, creating new working sector to reduce unemployment, emphasis on entrepreneurship. Only banking system or financial institutions may convert the overpopulation into better human resource by providing soft loan for building new working sector for employment, encouraging people to be efficient in one’s working aria. This assignment has been written or created on the basis of performance management in banks and financial institutions in perspective of Bangladesh. Performance management is an
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